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Some Tips Taken From Happy Couples

It seems as though couples just can't stay together anymore. Why you ask? Well most couples when they met that someone whom they thought they were going to spend the rest of their life with didn't realize that keeping a lasting relationship takes work and skill. These skills can be learned and can help you keep your relationship going strong both physically and emotionally. By taking note of the following tips, you may turn your date into your life long partner.


Tip #1: Romance doesn't have to be wine and roses

It's difficult to maintain the wine and roses type of romance with busy schedules, so you should reach out to your partner when you can. You can hold hands, give a little kiss, or just that little smile with the twinkle in your eye, can be romantic. It doesn't take but a minute and can leave your partner knowing you like what you see and want to be with them. So next time you have just a little time make good use of it.

Tip #2: Don't fight - Discuss It

You really shouldn't fight, but there isn't a relationship that doesn't have disagreements. The important thing is to try and discuss the problem instead of throwing verbal punches at each other. A lasting relationship doesn't consist of, "I told you so", even though it may be something that you want to say, you shouldn't. It is best to talk it out without getting personal. Listen to what each other has to say about the problem. Getting personal and throwing verbal punches can only cause more harm than good and in most situations the problem at hand doesn't get resolved. This habit is difficult, but once mastered can keep constant harmony among couples. 

Tip #3: Let each other be themselves

Allowing each other some space and time to themselves is important is a lasting relationship. Sure you may feel like you want to spend every waking moment with your partner but you shouldn't. Each of you needs to do something you enjoy without the other. This shows appreciation to your partner, as well as, gives you something of your own. All relationships need to have a little time apart to be their individual selves. You fell in love with who they are and you should allow them to continue to be who they are. 

Tip #4: Do something together

By sharing adventures together will strengthen your history. By finding a project you can do together whether it be training for a marathon or just building puzzles, you are sharing the experience together. This can promote respect amongst you, bring you closer together, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment that can help keep the chemistry going. 

Tip #5: Keep your sex life alive

The saying about couple's sex lives fade over time just isn't true, if you don't allow it. Couples who have healthy sex lives know how to keep the chemistry cooking, and the trick is to add new things. When you first meet it's easy to try new things but as time goes on people's preferences usually change. According to a poll on sexuality, couples who were open to experimentation were the ones who were the most sexually satisfied couples. This isn't to say you should do something you're not comfortable with or become a wild thing. Even going back to the basics you may have stopped doing like lots of kissing and eye contact can make the encounter more intimate and feel different. 

Tip #6: Remember and share why you admire each other

Chemistry between two people needs mutual respect to thrive. Observing your partner can remind you of why they are so special to you. Then tell them, by complimenting them shows you admire what they did and who they are. A good exercise to practice can be to make a mental list of what it is about your partner that you like, and share one with them occasionally. In reality, everyone likes being around someone who thinks they are someone special.