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Make the Right Visual Impact on Your First Date

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel out of place during a meeting, gathering or event without knowing the reason yourself? Or have you tried to impress someone in a nice dressing without the desired results? Everyone had heard of first impressions. And in dating first impressions are important. The way you dress on a first date can lead to a second date or can break the dating chain.

Certain ways men and women dress on a first date can tell you something about who they are and what kind of date they are expecting to have. For instance, a woman who dresses like she is going clubbing with the girls can leave her date thinking he can have drinks at her place afterwards. A man who shows up in jeans and a t-shirt can leave you to believe he doesn’t want an expensive date. Whereas women wearing blue jeans and t-shirt on their first date, may say hey I just want to have fun. While men if you show up in a suit, women will think you like throwing money away, are insecure, or just want to show off. If these aren’t what you want your date to be thinking about you then you should take your time in choosing your outfit. So you see choosing the right attire may be a little frustrating but it may just be worth it.

Sure it’s best if you know what your first date is going to consist of and if it is at all possible you should be aware of where your first date is going to take place. This will be very helpful when picking out your clothing. But if you don’t, think of your date like a job interview. You wouldn’t want to be over dressed or dressed too casual, wear too much jewelry, or too much make-up on a job interview. You want to dress with confidence, but not overly confident.

The impression you leave on your first date can affect the chances of a second date. Remember, a well-dressed man can be shallow and a well-dressed woman can be a gold digger. You don’t want to send the wrong signals so choose your clothing wisely. And pay attention when you meet each other, your date is letting you know something about them by the way they are dressed.

The best impression you should want to leave is one that reflects your personality, as well as, be somewhere in between romantic and fun. Take your time in choosing your attire, this is good advice for both women and men. By taking your time you can show something about yourself to your date without saying a word. And don’t forget to do your hair.