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You Shouldn't Judge a Book by Its Cover

The dating game has its frustrations and maybe part of that is because of the restrictions you put on yourself. You have been dating guys are that are extremely hot to you only to find out they end up being jerks who just want to take you bed. It is understandable that when you're dating you want to be with someone who is going to make every other man or woman be like "wow look at the person they are dating, or how did they land that?" But that isn't a basis for a lasting relationship.

If a lasting relationship is what you are in search of then you really can't judge a book by its cover. True beauty comes from within. Often, you don't discover those beautiful faces are actually hiding ugly souls until it's really too late. A physical attraction begins with the cover but the chemistry is what makes a lasting attraction.

Here's an example of what all of this means to help you understand why you don't judge a book by its cover and you shouldn't put restrictions on your dating partner.

You and your best friend are out at the club when you notice these two women heading your way. One of them is stunning, sexy, and beautiful, the other wouldn't cause you to take a double take or watch her walk away. You and your friend are both hoping for the hot one to approach you. When they finally make it to the table she approaches your friend. The four of you are at the table, miss sexy has your friend buying her the most expensive drink, one after the other. The four of you are pretty quiet, you not wanting to talk to the plain jane you got stuck with and your friend can't seem to make conversation with his companion. You feel a little awkward being left alone with your companion when miss sexy insists on your friend dancing with her. Just to make conversation you offer plain jane a refill and wasn't expecting it to be the start of something deeper. The two of you started talking, laughing and having a good time.

While the two of you are engaged in stimulating conversation, your friend is trying to get his companion off the dance floor. She is all over him attracting embarrassing attention. When your friend finally gets his companion back to the table, you're wishing they didn't return. You and your companion keep trying to talk but miss sexy keeps interrupting, trying to talk over the music. Your friend can't take anymore of her embarrassing obnoxiousness and wants to leave but she is insistent he buys her another drink. When he begins apologizing for not being able to afford to buy her another drink, she grabs a drink off the table, throws it in his face, and calls him a loser as she walks away. Your companion feeling obligated to follow behind her, apologizes to you and slips you her number, asking you to call her sometime. You look at the number and smile, knowing that you will because you had such a nice time with her and glad that miss sexy chose your friend.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and maybe some people's beauty comes more from within than it is on the outside. Attraction affects people in different ways, not necessarily from a physical appearance.

The dating game is hard and you shouldn't think, Oh now I should date someone I'm not physically attracted to so I can have a lasting relationship. This is not the advice that's being offered to you. The advice is that you shouldn't put a physical attraction restriction on your dating, you could be passing up a great opportunity at a chance for true happiness in a lasting relationship.