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Singapore Singles Escape from Dating

Are you one of the Singapore Singles escaping from dates? Well, there isn’t a single out there that hasn’t suffered from dating stress and fatigue. It’s a lot of work finding that someone special. All of us spend a lot of time communicating through online and offline channels. Mostly through emails, sms and social media like Facebook before we even go on the date. If your dates often end up without success over and over again. Naturally, you will get tired of dating and will intend to give up or leave it to chances due to this cyclical stress.

Do you know what are the reasons for failure? We all create subconscious and conscious ideal qualities and attributes that our partners should have. And then when we find the people we date don’t measure up to our ideals, we feel tired of it.  And this cycle continues over and over again.  That’s why you need to take a break before starting to date again.  Dating is part of your life ‘expedition’ to find your life time partner.  It is not an easy task, we take a few steps at a time and possibly hit some barriers, and we relax and rest before moving on. Have you seen a very potential date appear in front of you and turn into nothing? Well, you are not the only one because chemistry depends on various factors and approaches you make. Your approaches are like the skills you need to climb a mountain while the chemistry is like the weather conditions favoring your adventure. Both can turn your chances into success or failure.

 Communication is the key in any dating activity. Communication skills and content of the communication are important drivers for success because it can take your friendship to a whole new level or totally destroy it. Do converse in a sincere and honest way. The more you try to stage an impression which is not your true self, the more you risk losing the potential date in a matter of time. Most people will respect you for being honest and truthful.

The best way to avoid dating fatigue is to just take a break from it.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t get back out there, you should just take like a holiday.  Do something different like a new hobby or go on an adventure.  Enjoy life’s simple pleasure, who knows you just may meet some interesting people along the way.