Join our singles volunteer group to touch the heart of the less fortunate. It is a good way to know more friends and opportunity to do social work together to help the needy. This group event is FREE!

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About Us

My name is Leon Wong and I am the founder of “Singles Dating 2U”. In 2011, I started “Singles Dating 2U”, because I was passionately driven to help individuals find their potential partner in Singapore. After I graduated from the university, I was a part time volunteer and freelance consultant partnering with a reputable dating agency. I’ve been a cupid and love advisor for my own circle of friends and felt it would be more meaningful to share my knowledge and experience to a larger spectrum. I’ve always wanted to share my ideas and experience to help people improve their love life, career, or finances. I believe when it comes to love and dating that it should never be complicated. I believe the best way to succeed in any areas of life is to “Keep It Simple, Enjoy Life’s Surprises”.

By joining “Singles Dating 2U”, you will never be alone! We welcome singles and their friends to join us, to share in our fruitful and meaningful journey.

We are featured on NHK national T.V in Japan (2015) with famous Japanese actress, Chihiro Otsuka, who have attended our social event and coaching session with me.

Leon & Chihiro Otsuka

Leon Wong
Founder of Singles Dating 2U                                                               

Leon has also attended the training by Social Development Network, SDN - "Establish and Manage a Dating Business” which equip potential and practising dating agency owners with the relevant knowledge, skills and preferred attributes to establish and manage a credible dating agency that provides quality dating services to singles. He is also a trained volunteer with National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre during his volunteer service with various welfare organisations. He also held voluntary appointment as team leader, leading and planning volunteer activities and events with management team. His professional expertise is also in strategic planning and management at the corporate level. At present, he is an entrepreneur is his specialised business field and has appeared on National T.V Ch 8 as an expert panel.