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Dating & Love Research
NHK Interview with Dating Coach Leon and Popular Q&As Collected
Source: NHK Interview with Dating Coach Leon and various popular questions collected from members.   Q: How do I look for a suitable partner? A: You may expand your social circle in events or activities that suits you but in the context that the people are genuine singles and they are attitude are correct. Some likes it cheap and free. Because it is less risk in monetary sense. Well, do you think such behaviour reflects their attitude and hence whom you will meet? Or rather y
Singapore Singles Dating Safety Guidelines
Dating can be exciting and fun especially when it is your first date to meet someone that impresses you. But the dating game has its safety issues and whether if you are a men or women, you should practice safe dating rules than to regret later. We want to help you improve your dating life and at the same time protect you from any possible dangers. Here are some singles dating safety guidelines you should try to follow to protect yourself from any kind of undue harm.   Inform Your Fri
Singapore Singles Dating Tip: How to Keep Relationships Going
We all experience cycles of high and low in our relationships. But to weather the challenges together with your partner and keep the relationship going is a great challenge for most couples. Sometimes it is due to the desire to find a ‘new thrill’ or to give up the relationship due to some problems and difficulties. As dating coaches, we do not encourage hopping from one relationship to another for the simple reason of losing interest, which could have many hidden causes. Instead
Singapore Singles Dating 2U Dating Rules
You will agree that dating isn’t easy and you are not alone. We spoke to many Singapore singles like you out there and found that singles find dating challenging especially when they can’t follow up on subsequent dates after the first date. Now, the subsequent dates are really important for you and your potential partner to explore the chemistry that both of you could have. But there are various pitfalls and mistakes you can make that could turn your success into a failure eventu
Singapore Singles Escape from Dating
Are you one of the Singapore Singles escaping from dates? Well, there isn’t a single out there that hasn’t suffered from dating stress and fatigue. It’s a lot of work finding that someone special. All of us spend a lot of time communicating through online and offline channels. Mostly through emails, sms and social media like Facebook before we even go on the date. If your dates often end up without success over and over again. Naturally, you will get tired of dating and wil
Dating Research of Singapore Singles by Singles Dating 2U
We found from hearing out and talking with many Singapore singles about their dating problems that there are various reasons singles first dates fail.  We have our own unique culture in Singapore, which differs from other countries like the U.S and Europe.  Like, do you know your potential date might be dating a few people and in his/her mind they are subconsciously making a decision based on the impact you leave?  Well, if you keep to some simple rules, those single first dat
Make the Right Visual Impact on Your First Date
Have you ever been in a situation where you feel out of place during a meeting, gathering or event without knowing the reason yourself? Or have you tried to impress someone in a nice dressing without the desired results? Everyone had heard of first impressions. And in dating first impressions are important. The way you dress on a first date can lead to a second date or can break the dating chain. Certain ways men and women dress on a first date can tell you something about who they are and what
Some Tips Taken From Happy Couples
It seems as though couples just can't stay together anymore. Why you ask? Well most couples when they met that someone whom they thought they were going to spend the rest of their life with didn't realize that keeping a lasting relationship takes work and skill. These skills can be learned and can help you keep your relationship going strong both physically and emotionally. By taking note of the following tips, you may turn your date into your life long partner.   Tip #1: Romance doesn't
You Shouldn't Judge a Book by Its Cover
The dating game has its frustrations and maybe part of that is because of the restrictions you put on yourself. You have been dating guys are that are extremely hot to you only to find out they end up being jerks who just want to take you bed. It is understandable that when you're dating you want to be with someone who is going to make every other man or woman be like "wow look at the person they are dating, or how did they land that?" But that isn't a basis for a lasting relationship. If a
Compatibility Is Built, Not Discovered
When it comes to dating, couples, and partnerships in love, a common fallacy that prevents many people from recognizing, building, and sustaining a successful relationship is the notion of instant and effortless compatibility. There is no such thing as a naturally occurring compatible relationship. This is a difficult thing for most people to accept, as we are all (admittedly or not) in love with the idea of love at first site, and finding our "soul mates" - the one person who is your exact comp
Finding a Good Partner
You may often hear people complaining about how they just can't seem to find a good man or woman, or more commonly, how all the good ones are already taken. What happened to all the good people of the world? Well, the truth is: nothing. They are still out there, and most of them are still looking for a good partner to share themselves and their life with. It is important to realize that when it comes to dating and relationships, many of the best available and interesting people are in a cont