Join our singles volunteer group to touch the heart of the less fortunate. It is a good way to know more friends and opportunity to do social work together to help the needy. This group event is FREE!

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Testimonial - Wei Ling and Jacky

Months of volunteering acitvites bring to fruition where I met my present wife! This is one of the best events you can attend with great results. Happily married now. :)  

Testimonial - Dawn and Patrick

He provided an avenue for singles to meet like-minded friends in a volunteering setting. This is where i met my wife. Strongly recommended! A good organiser and match-maker. :)  

Testimonial - Sam

Leon is an "oracle"! He pointed to me my problems when he observed me in dating events. Without me asking him any questions, he told me all the advice I needed. Fantastic!  

Testimonial - Gavin Low

Keeping going to events with failure without knowing my mistake and problems and I kept shifting the blame to fate and ladies I met. Well, I have changed my mindset since I met dating coach, Leon. Thanks!!!  

Testimonial - Pauline

I had been going to events without success. After Leon spoke to me, I realise I am not being focus and objective in my dates and social events. Now, I have changed my approach with improved results.  

Testimonial - Jane Chew

I am confused and lost when there are a few suitable guys out there who are interested in me. Leon provided his help with simple interview and suggestions. Now, I have a better technique to explore potential dates.  

Testimonial - Chia

I am a shy and quiet person by nature. Approaching a lady in public that interest me always remains as a dream. Leon motivated me using his subconscious approach on me. For the first time ever in my life, I successfully approached the lady and got her contact for follow up!  

Testimonial - Kee Tiong

I always fail my attempts to follow up on dates and I face much rejection by ladies whom i met. Leon offered advice to me that was straight to the point. He pointed out several mistakes I did not realise. I followed his rules, now I got better dates with ladies.