Join our singles volunteer group to touch the heart of the less fortunate. It is a good way to know more friends and opportunity to do social work together to help the needy. This group event is FREE!

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Dating Philosophy

We don’t believe you should have to spend a lot of money to find happiness like most dating agencies, that can’t even provide potentially good dates. We have an unconventional means of advertising and marketing so the cost is not passed onto our members. There are reasonable costs for our efforts and time, but we don’t believe profit should drive our passion.

Our founder believes dating is an adventure and we should enjoy life while searching for a potential partner. Singles shouldn’t have stress or social stigma fears when it comes to dating. His philosophy is “Life is Short, Cherish the Moments in Getting to Our Destination”. This philosophy with a unique Values-Based Singles Connection (VSC) approach developed by him will make your journey to finding that potential partner stress free and exciting.

Values-Based Singles Connection (VSC)

Values-Based Singles Connection (VSC) is a unique way of meeting with other singles, searching for their potential partners, in a less stressful and more effective environment. It was developed with the fusion of Japanese and Singapore dating concepts by Leon while he was visiting various dating agencies during his business trip in Japan. Values-Based Singles Connection focus on the fundamental concepts of dating and love instead of just attending activities which you might feel left out or just another weekend party without any objective or outcome. VSC also involves interaction, facilitation, and drawing experience from a dating or life skills coach depending on each different activity. All these are designed just for you to have a better dating experience and love journey, which is fundamental to Singles Dating 2U existence.

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